Fine VS Fashion

At first glance, you might be intimidated by some of Shyne Jewelers’ price tags.  If you’ve ever found yourself thinking that there was nothing in your price range, think again.  At Shyne Jewelers, we want to make sure everyone can Shyne, no matter their budget.

This brings me to our main topic, fine jewelry versus fashion jewelry.  Fine jewelry is mostly classified as anything made with gold or platinum and diamonds or any other naturally occurring gemstones.  Where as, fashion jewelry would be things like sterling silver, cubic zirconia, man-made diamonds, etc.  However, these definitions can be a bit limiting.

If we go by these confining definitions, any time a material considered “fine” is used in a piece with a material considered “fashion”, the whole piece is then considered a fashion piece.  Because of this, high price tags, and even expanding personal tastes, what is considered “fine” is ever expanding.  Sterling silver is more and more being considered a precious metal in the world of fine jewelry.

So now you’re asking, what does this have to do with Shyne Jewelers?

Well, in addition to the light selection of fine/fashion hybrid jewelry we were already offering, we have been introducing even more, equally affordable pieces to our website!

If you are already convinced and want to see what I mean, head over to our Deals of the Week page right now!!  If you still want to hear more, keep reading.

Let’s start with the more affordable, mostly fashion forward selections that have recently been added.  A few of our pieces that are pictured below are a beautiful pair of sapphire crystal stud earrings, a yellow silver cross pendant with sapphire crystals, and a unique silver plug pendant with sapphire crystals.


Sapphire crystal stud earrings in 10k yellow gold


Yellow sterling silver sapphire crystal cross pendant


Sterling silver sapphire crystal plug pendant

Now, if you are looking for something that is more in the range of fine jewelry, but still has a reasonable price, some of these options might be perfect for you.  Some items pictured below include: a 14k yellow gold .15ct Star of David pendant, a 14k yellow gold .50ct diamond ring, a 14k yellow gold .50ct diamond Ankh pendant, and a 10k yellow gold .30ct diamond micro nail cross pendant


Now that you are well versed in everything fine and fashion jewelry has to offer, head over to Shyne Jewelers and put that knowledge to good use!

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