Say Yes to a Gemstone

It may be true that diamonds are forever, but that doesn’t mean that diamonds are for everyone.  Do you find yourself looking at engagement rings and not finding your perfect fit?  Maybe its the price tag, maybe its the similarity of them all.  If you answered yes to any of these questions, keep reading.

I am going to introduce to you a few different alternatives to a traditional diamond ring, so lets get started.

First up, we have man-made diamonds.  The only difference is where it comes from (and the price tag), but the actual make up and appearance are exactly the same as any other diamond.  Man-made diamonds are significantly cheaper than mined diamonds, and if you want to be even more unique and opt for a color, even cheaper.  And for an added bonus, they are better for the environment!

Next up we have the moissanite stone.  This stone is a rare mineral originally found in meteorites, but is now mostly created in a laboratory.  Moissanites are nearly as sturdy as diamonds (receiving a 9.25 rating on the Mohs Scale) and, although different, offers an equally vibrant fire and sparkle.  This unique stone can also be found in a variety of colors, so you’re not tied to the traditional white stone.

moissanite stone

Pictured: loose moissanite stone courtesy of

If you are really looking for a pop of color, there are endless precious stone options for you to choose from!  From a purple tanzanite, to a deep green emerald, your engagement ring can be as colorful as your personality.  Some other options for colored gemstones include, but are not limited to, a beautiful deep blue sapphire or even a fiery red ruby.

tanzanite stone

Pictured: deep purple/blue tanzanite stone courtesy of

One final stone alternative worth mentioning would be the semi popular morganite stone.  The morganite, much like the moissanite stone, is nearly as sturdy as a diamond (scoring around an 8 on the Mohs scale) and has a similar brilliance.   Most morganite stones have a light pink or peach colored tint to them, making them a perfect match for a rose gold setting!

morganite stone

Pictured: morganite stone courtesy of

If you’ve read through this whole post and are not convinced by any of these stones, we have something for you, too!  Another option is to stick to a traditional Irish Claddagh ring for your engagement as well as wedding band.  For an added personal touch, have it custom made!  A similar, but equally unique, option is the “true lover’s knot” ring!

So, now that you know what beautiful stone is the perfect fit for your engagement ring, it’s time to head over to Shyne Jewelers and pick your perfect setting!

Cover image courtesy of

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