World’s Most Expensive Diamond

This past Wednesday, May 18th, marked a historic day in the world of jewelry.  A blue diamond known as the “Oppenheimer Blue” sold for a record breaking $57.5 million at Christie’s Auction House in Geneva, Switzerland.  The Oppenheimer Blue Diamond is a rare jewel, weighing in at 14.62ct.  It holds a clarity grade of VVs1, which means that the stone is only one notch below being internally flawless!

Oppenheimer-blue.pngThe Oppenheimer Blue

The previous stone to hold this record is known as “Blue Moon of Josephine”, which weighs 12.03ct, and sold in November of 2015 for $48.4 million.

The Oppenheimer Blue was estimated to sell for anywhere between $35 million to $45 million at the auction.  However, after a roller coaster bidding battle, the stone greatly surpassed all expectations.

The previous owner of this precious stone was Phillip Oppenheimer, De Beers Diamond Marketing’s late chairmen.

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